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Do you find yourself feeling things you wish you didn't when it comes to the role of step-parenting?  Do you feel the "odd man out" and powerless?  I work one on one with couples and families as well as do  workshops for groups.  My goal is to help everyone feel heard and to set strategies in place to improve communication.  Every family has their challenge areas such as discipline, feeling left out, family events, and everyone's favorite, dealing with the ex.  While your situation may seem tough now, it can be better.  As a step parent myself, I look forward to helping you through it.      

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Don't be embarrassed to admit you need some support. This position is a very challenging one. My unique style offers a spin on personal coaching.  Personal coaching is a partnership between a client and a coach.  Coaching works on your personal foundation and can lead to greater satisfaction, peace, and joy in your life and your relationship.  Your partner will see the difference! Coaching is not just for step parenting, coaching can apply to all facets of your life and can improve things for you in ways you never thought of.  For additional coaching information and options, go to   

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I've been in my step children's lives for 12 years. During this time I've experienced a range of emotions including enthusiasm, anger, frustration....  With introspection and coaching, I've been able to move on.  My coaching method is unique.  The only way to understand it is to do a session with me. I embrace and accept who you are. Let's laugh (or cry) together to get you through this. If you feel you can't afford to spend money on a Step Coach, you really can't afford not to. It will help you, your significant other, and the children. 

I host a monthly meetup under "Step Parents Are People Too" with See the group site for more.

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Check out this great video


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Marlene Hirshfield

Life Coach

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